3 Affordable Models To Consider For Your Next Family Car

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Choosing your family car is a big deal, it’s the workhorse of the family which will probably take a bit of a beating. Besides your home, it is probably the biggest financial commitment you will have, so you need to make the right decision when making your choice. 


Before You Begin – Ask Yourself These Questions

What types of journey will it be used for? Will you mainly be doing the school run and the weekly shop, or will you be travelling across Europe on holiday or staycation  at CenterParcs. 


How many children will it need to carry? If you’re planning on having more children, then boot space is a premium as you’ll be transporting prams, travel cots and all of the other paraphernalia that goes along with transporting babies about. 


If you’re having more than two, you might want to consider a seven-seater. Once you’ve answered these questions, it’s time to get searching for that perfect family car and enjoy your adventures. 


Compact Crossover – Vauxhall Crossland X


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The Vauxhall Crossland X is an extremely versatile car.  It has a large boot that can reach a massive 1,255 litres with the rear seats folded.  Perfect to fit those pushchairs in. 


It also boasts an impressive range of tech with IntelliLink. You can stream music, video and use apps using AppleCarPlay or Android Auto.  There’s also a 7” touchscreen where all of your info is projected.  


No more twisting your neck when reversing, the Crossland X has a 180 degree panoramic rear camera.  


The Vauxhall website has a fantastic program that lets you mix and match the colour, wheel type and interior so you can create the perfect look. Or you can book a test drive by searching for Vauxhall dealership near me or visiting the Vauxhall website.


Prices start from £18,535 


Saloon – Mazda6 


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Described as ‘the ultimate in refinement’ , the Mazda 6 combines practicality and good looks.  It won the Best Family Car category in the New Car Awards in both 2013 and 2014.  It’s a great alternative to the bulkier family SUVs or estate cars. 


With excellent fuel economy and low CO2 emissions make it easier on the family budget. 


It’s also beautifully styled, so it doesn’t look like a typical family car. There’s a great range of extras too. 


Prices start from £24,395


Estate – VW Passat 


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If it’s space you’re looking for, then the VW Passat Estate has got you covered.  With one of the biggest boots in the business, you’ll be able to fit everything you need in there and then some.  


It also boasts an impressive array of features including parking assist (handy as it’s a very long car), heated seats, sat nav and a range of connectivity with your mobile devices.  


The VW Passat has long been one of the most popular family cars, known for its build quality and reliability. 


Prices start from £27,575


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