5 Outdoor Activities You Can Do While Social Distancing 

Both the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and World Health Organization have advised us to practice social distancing to battle the spread of COVID-19. In doing this, people are limiting trips outside of their homes, but we can’t forget that fresh air and sunshine are also good for our physical and mental health.


Most agree, experts included, that there is no problem with enjoying the outdoors and the upcoming warmer months. However, we should still take some precautions such as keeping a distance of 6 feet from others, using hand sanitizer and washing your hands frequently, as well as wearing masks in busier public places.


So, if your cabin fever is spiking, but you still want to practice social distancing, here are five ways to get outside and get moving.



  • Be creative in your own backyard


In your own backyard, you don’t run the risk of being around others beside your family unless you invite others over and then you also have the choice of who you will be hanging out with. You can pitch a tent and have a staycation, build a bonfire and eat s’mores or set up some blankets and pillows and a screen and watch a movie. If none of these excite you, you can take time and plant a vegetable garden or spruce up your flower beds.



  • Go biking


You can plan out bike rides in your neighborhood or find bike paths to drive to and pack a picnic lunch to have along the way. This is an activity the whole family can do even if you have a child who can’t ride a bike you can hitch a bicycle trailer to your bike and continue to enjoy the sunshine with your family. If you are new to your town, look up your home on real estate sites such as Grand Rapids houses for sale and see if they recommend any trails for you.



  • Go on a hike


Many state parks and trails have remained open. A nice, long hike can provide great stress relief. Make sure you pack some snacks and water so you don’t have to stop anywhere with crowds to grab some essentials. Also, don’t try to do anything that is out of your athletic ability. You don’t want to twist an ankle and end up in a crowded emergency room where nurses and doctors are already overwhelmed.



  • Go fishing


This is an activity that has always meant to be solitary and quiet. If you don’t live by a large body of water, chances are you can find a small lake or pond to fish at. If you can, you can fish in a kayak and kill two birds with one stone. Fishing gear is inexpensive, but make sure if you have to have a fishing license in your state. If the answer is yes, you can obtain most of them online.



  • Have a chalk party


Grab a bucket of sidewalk chalk, order off the internet to not have to go to the store, and let your family, and you, draw on the sidewalk or driveway. You can draw hopscotch, a board game or have an art show for your neighborhood. All you have to do is wait for it to rain or just grab the hose to start over and continue the fun.




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