5 tips to manage your love life in lockdown

Many of us are finding that we are now stuck indoors with our significant others 24/7.  Some of us are also in lockdown with our kids and possibly even parents, inlaws and other family members or friends too.


Everyone is expecting there to be a baby boom 9 months from now, but you’d be forgiven for wondering how when you’ve got everything else to manage.


It is possible to still have a love life in the middle of a global pandemic, even if it is not in the same care-free way as you did before.  But with a splash of creativity and a hint of forward-planning, we might just come out of this still in love.

Create romance

There are lots of ways to create romance in your home.  Yes, it might not be the same meals out and swanky bars that you were used to after you found each other on the www.fifeshiresexsite.co.uk, but you can create a romantic environment at home too.


Once you’ve packed the kids off to bed, you can cook a meal together and make some cocktails.  With the weather being so pleasant you could sit outside in your garden and sip your drinks as the sunsets.


Alternatively, you could snuggle up with popcorn and a good film.  There’s nothing like the cinema to encourage a bit of personal touch.

Be flexible

I’m not talking about getting your foot behind your head, but more that you might need to find different ways to show that you love each other.


If you are used to packing the kids off to their grandparents for the weekend before you get amorous, then you might need to find a new system.  This could mean sticking a film on in the middle of the day to keep them entertained whilst you sneak off elsewhere.



Sometimes the more time we spend with someone the less we actually talk to them.  I mean what is there to talk to them about, you know what they’ve been doing all day.


But if you want to keep your relationship going then you need to keep talking.  Think back to all those nights of conversation when you first met on that Suffolk sex site. What did you talk about then?

Try something new

Never has there been a better time to get creative and try something new.  Perhaps there is something that you have wanted to do together for a long time but you’ve been putting it off.


Lockdown life is monotonous, but there is no reason that your love life has to be the same.  Make a list each and take it in turns to pick something.  It could turn out to be the best experience of your life.


Get to know yourself

In all of this, why not take time to learn more about your own wants and desires?  If you’ve got the time and the space you could use it as an opportunity to learn what makes you tick.  You can take these new-found skills with you into your relationship and build better experiences for you both.

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