An introduction.

Two and bit months ago I became a mummy. I have a wonderful daughter called Emily, who regularly embarrasses me in front of my friends. She is so well behaved that I actually cringe at how delightfully charming she is being when someone else is battling to calm their child. I really cannot complain at all!
Now I decided to write this as I had two spare minutes whilst my husband, Dan, cradles Emily to sleep whilst watching GTAV videos on his phone. (Who says men can’t multitask, eh?) And bloody WordPress throws up its first challenge within seconds…what to call my site?! I am shockingly dull! I pride myself on being average. I have normal job, a typical family, a three-bedroomed semi detached house in suburban Norwich and everything is pretty easy for me.  The only thing even mildly unusual about me is that I am a coeliac, hence I live a life without gluten. I am a ‘free-from’ mummy!
Anyway, prior to this lifestyle change, I lived life like most people do. I went out, I ate, I drank and I consumed things like they were going out of fashion, with little or no consideration to my body, money or the environment.  Then I had a baby…

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