Can you see the sea? Yes!

Today was our first trip to the seaside with Emily. I love the beach. As a child holidays for me were centred around the beach. We’d head there after lunch, spend the afternoon swimming in the sea, building motor boats in the sand, eating ice creams/beignets and reading books.  Come the evening we’d have fish and chips or a BBQ, have another dip in the sea and then play a game of frisbee or rounders as the sunset. A perfect day out and some of the best times of my childhood. Therefore taking Emily to the beach was an exciting moment for me. 

We’ve taken Emily to a few places of interest over these first weeks of her life. After endless verses of ‘Old MacDonald’ I thought it was time to take her to see some actual farm animals. That way when I talked/sang about cows or sheep she might know what I was blabbering on about. So off we trotted to Wroxham Barns with some friends who also have kids. Emily fell asleep in the car like she usually does and I figured she’d wake up once we arrived. Nope! Zonked. We pushed her around the farm and she snoozed throughout. She did however wake up just as we walked through the exit and got a good look at the car park. Great!

There are people who she has been in the company of yet not seen them because she has had had her eyes firmly shut and been wandering in the Land of Nod. I also believe that she thinks that she teleport. Sometimes she has dozed off in her play gym and then she wakes up in Tesco or even more impressively at my parents’ house, 150 miles away in Kent. Occasionally she looks bewildered by this occurrence but is mostly accepting. 

I digress. The beach.  Well Emily saw it. 😀

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