Den Day 2016

I’m quite keen that Emily knows that she is priveledged. That she has things that other people don’t have and that she shows gratitude for them but also works to help other people get them too.  Naturally I’d like for her to grow up and win the Nobel Peace prize or something but baby steps eh?


Last year we did the Splashathon and Emily raised money for Tommy’s by doing an underwater swim. This year we took part in Save the Children’s Den Day. It was awesome!


I want charitable activities for Emily to be enjoyable and memorable with the hope that she will want to do more of them. Den Day was definitely that. I had loads of fun making different dens out of various bits and pieces. I had asked Dan to bring some boxes home from work too. In the end, we made four dens.

Top left we have our permanent den: House Den. Top right was Ball Pool Den. Bottom left: Book Den and bottom right is Music Den.


I liked the idea of themed dens for the kids to play in so that there was something new to attract them to each one.  Dan and I made sure that adults could fit in them too because, you know, we wanted to.


We invited a few friends of ours with kids and set them loose to play. It was great to see the children explore each den one at a time and appreciate the different things in each. Ball Pool Den was the most popular but it took a lot of bloody work to ensure that the balls stayed in it and not all over the downstairs of our house.  I loved seeing the mums and dads play with their kids in the dens too and of course enjoyed joining Emily in her playing too.


When it was all over the house was a state! But the dens were largely still standing. More importantly Emily and her friends managed to raise over £100 for Save the Children and we had good fun too. Thank you to everyone who donated!

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