Disposable nappy? The smell is crappy!

Dan, Emily and I are on holiday at the moment. We’ve gone on a short break to our nearby Center Parcs. It’s a great place for kids and adults alike and everybody was recommending it to us hence we thought we’d head here for a couple of days. Our accommodation comprises of a three-bedroomed lodge; we have a little patio with a BBQ and a small kitchen with cooker, dishwasher etc. What our little kitchen is missing, however, is a washing machine and this raises a problem. 

As you are probably aware I am big on the reusable stuff, particularly when it comes to Emily. As soon as we were released from hospital we started using cloth nappies and we’ve never looked back. I’m a big fan of the wonderful prints offered by our nappy of choice, the Bambino Miosolo, and have consequently bought all the different prints I could get my hands on. This means that I quite enjoy nappy change time when I get to choose a new design and, nearly three months in, I still haven’t got bored of them yet. I also like how soft they feel. They must feel wonderful against Emily’s backside. I’m actually kind of jealous! If they could make them for me, I’d slip one on now and be super happy about it. 

There are other interesting things we’ve noticed too. For example, Emily never wees out of her nappy. We’ve not had a mid nappy change accident since using cloth nappies. Also she does not wet her nappies during the night. Now I might be reading too much into this but I think there is an element of control on her part here. She knows what she is doing because she can feel the dampness in a cloth nappy. 

However we are currently on a washing-machine-less holiday and this means we are back in disposables. I have been grumbling for weeks about this. “Bloody disposable nappies! Crusty bloody things!” etc etc. Poor old Dan has endured this drivel admirably. Anyway they are ugly looking things. I hate seeing a disposable nappy sticking out of a baby’s clothes. Urgh! They are also very crusty. I hate holding the things while I’m preparing to put them on Emily and I certainly wouldn’t want one on my backside. We have had two “action wees” as we call them. Wees that happen mid-nappy change. And Emily has been wetting at night again. This could be a coincidence but it does seem weird. 

Now all of these hideous consequences of using disposable nappies are nothing compared to the smell. We did not notice it when we were using them in the hospital. When we first put one on for this trip however my first thought was that they smelt like hospital. Odd! They really really smell funny. It’s chemically! It’s the smell they add to make them not smell and it actually makes it worse. As soon as Emily goes for a wee you can smell it. It gets right up my nostrils. And oh my days, the poo or even a fart! It makes your eyes water. Poos in a cloth nappy just smell like sour yoghurt but in a disposable they smell like poo. It’s disgusting!

I genuinely can not wait to get home and put Emily back in a real nappy. Then she can smell of pure baby again. My lovely, sweet-smelling baby!

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