Fancy a cuppa (milk)?

Emily loves the boob! So much so that she has been very reluctant to have anything else. This didn’t cause us any issues really. I was never far away so she could have boob whenever she wanted it. On the odd occasion that I popped to the shop or something though, I would spend the whole time in fear that I’d arrive home to find Emily screaming and Dan tearing his hair out. The reality was always a happy, smiley Emily and a smug-looking Dan. This never stopped me worrying again the next time I went out though. 

Naturally we never even contemplated giving Emily a bottle in the early days to avoid nipple confusion. Then, because she didn’t get her tongue tied sorted until she was 8 weeks old, we waited a few more weeks whilst she learnt to feed with a new, freer tongue. Before we knew it she was three, nearly four, months old and had never had a bottle. I decided at this point that it was likely never to happen, but when she was four months old I offered her a bottle of freshly expressed milk. She licked it a bit, then chewed it a bit, looked at me, licked it again and then pushed it away. Great! That went well. I tried a couple more times but they mostly comprised of Emily putting her tongue on the teat and giving me the filthiest of looks. I gave up!

As she was now four months old, I realised that she could have sippy cups instead and thought that she might be more inclined to take milk from that. However I did a bit of research using my good friend Google (me old chum) and learnt that these can cause dental issues if used for too long. Blah blah blah! But one comment like this, anywhere on the Internet, is enough to put me off. Once again I needed another solution. That’s when my midwife friend (who’s not a midwife) suggested cup feeding, and I saw another mummy friend using a Doidy cup with her little girl. I ordered some.  

 Fast forward to now. We have being trying to give Emily a cup a day of expressed milk. The first day we tried this, she lapped it up. Drank until she was full and was happy and content for the next couple of hours. The last two days have been less successful, but she is still drinking some. I know now that she can do it and find a way to feed without needing me, or specifically my boobs. It certainly feels like a weight off my shoulders and it will allow me to give Emily more time with her daddy, without me loitering in the background. 

The downside is that I no longer have an excuse for not exercising. Bugger!

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  1. Jen

    Fascinating! Both my boys never took to a bottle – same reasons you listed – so I was always stuck nursing (note the name of my blog- the pickled nipple haha!). Will have to look into this cup

    1. The Doidy is very good. It’s meant to teach them to drink from a normal cup. I’m hoping it will get to the stage where she can feed herself. Don’t think my nipples will be getting much of a break though. Ha!

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