Oh my goodness! Emily is having a hiccupy day. I hate these days as it makes for one grumpy baby and one irritated mummy. 

Dan is a hiccupy sort of person too, but mostly when he is drunk. I don’t know how many times we’d be walking back from a night out with a pizza or a Chinese and he’d be hiccuping so loudly that I was genuinely concerned he’d get an ASBO for disturbing the peace. They aren’t just subtle ones either, they engage his whole body. This was particularly annoying once we were home and I was trying to get to sleep and I’ve got that going on next to me. That’s how I knew I should marry him. If we were still together after a hiccup bout then it was definitely love. 

(Not the sort of hiccup I was talking about. Thanks Google image search.)

I knew Emily had inherited this ‘genetic weakness’ before she was born. Every night from about six months pregnant she would get the hiccups just as I was going to bed. This ain’t great when her head is already pushing against your bladder. Cue getting up for a wee repeatedly. 

She had hiccups in the very early days too. I remember writing in the log book that we kept of all her feeds, wees and poos that she had had hiccups and that’s why she had been fed again. Back then it was cute though. Seeing a two day old baby doing the tiniest of hiccups was so sweet. I felt sorry for her, because hiccups aren’t fun. 

One of the most annoying places Emily has had hiccups has been during her swimming lessons. If they’ve got hiccups they’re not allowed to do any underwater stuff and that’s the good bit! She had them for the whole lesson one time and I sulked for the rest of the day. Those swimming lessons don’t come cheap. I could have sworn she was putting them on too, because just as I said “Ooh Emily, it’s time to do some underwater swimming” she hiccuped. 

Anyway today has been a hiccupy day. She has had at least half hour of hiccups between each feed. She seems indifferent to them at first but after a while she gets in a right old strop. That’s when I have to work my socks off to distract from them. Hiccups are bloody knackering!

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