How To Keep The Family Fit

Keeping the family fit can be hard at the best of times. When people are on lockdown due to the coronavirus epidemic it becomes even harder. If you’ve got youngsters, soft play centres will be shut, as will community leisure centres, swimming pools, parks etc. It’ll be hard for you and your family to get the right exercise you need. It can be done with a little creative thinking. If you’ve got young children, they’ll need and want to burn a lot of energy. Even teenagers need to do this, even if they’d prefer to stay in their room playing games or typing away on their computer. Remember, you’ll need to get exercise too. So you need to find a way for the whole family to do it. Keeping your calm is important, it’s nothing to worry over. You don’t need to let it take over your life, just keep it in the back of your mind that your family needs exercise if stuck at home. Some of these tips might be able to help you out, they can at least give you a few ideas. Good luck!


Get Them Into The Right Clothes


This makes a difference. Being in the right clothes means the individual will switch from normal mode to exercise mode. It can help you and your family to get into the right frame of mind. The kind of clothes don’t necessarily matter, they could be Boys slim fit tracksuits, or leggings for women. Whatever they are, it’ll mean that getting changed into them means exercise. Just try it and you’ll see the mood shift. Most will already have clothes suitable for exercise, even if they have not previously exercised. 


Routine Matters


Getting into the right routine is also important. If you do exercise at the same time everyday then it’ll become easier to accomplish. This is especially the case for young children. If you change it every day then it can be moved, pushed back or cancelled altogether. Find a good time for you and your family and stick to it. It has to revolve around study, work commitments and other plans that may be going on. Sure, you might have to move it from time to time for important alternatives, but try to at least stick to it loosely


The TV Workout


There are tonnes of TV workouts at the moment, each designed to keep people fit when they’re at home. Get into a routine of doing this with your family. Targeting the morning helps because as soon as that’s done you’ve got the whole day to yourselves. Also, it means you don’t have to devise anything, you can just follow what the fitness instructor is telling you to do. If you miss the slot by oversleeping or otherwise busy, just stick youtube on and find a good workout for you all to follow. It’s a good way to spend time together and can be quite fun when you get into the swing of things. 


Go For A Bike Ride


This is weather dependent, and of course also dependent on whether you all have bicycles. But if you do, going for a bike ride is a good way to keep fit. Plan your route ahead and try to avoid heavy traffic. People usually love riding bikes, especially children. It’s a great way to get out of the house and get some fresh hair while burning calories. Make sure you’ve got helmets, at least for the kids and especially if you are riding on roads.


A Simple Walk


Nothing beats an easy paced walk. It might not be the high intensity workout you want, but it’s certainly exercise. If you’re having any kinds of trouble with exercise in your house, just get out for a long walk. It’ll burn calories and if you target hills at a decent pace it’ll get you out of breath.


Obstacle Course


If you’ve got youngsters who you’re struggling to get into exercise, design an obstacle course around the house. It can be fun for everyone. Ask them to run it a few times and you’ll see them burning a whole lot of energy. While fun for a short time or a few days, it isn’t something that can be done for a long time but it will at least be something different. A break from the norm. You can look online for some good inspiration if needed, or you can think outside the box and do it yourself if possible. The key is to get them to burn energy.

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