How to kick start your love life during lockdown

If you were already struggling to put yourself out there, then chances are the UK going into lockdown hasn’t helped matters for you.


That said there are still ways that you can act to make sure that your love life doesn’t completely grind to a halt during this time.  Who knows?  Perhaps you could meet someone online during quarantine that turns out to be the one.

Here are some of my favourite ways that you can keep your love life going even though you might not be able to go out and socialise.


Get involved in group quizzes

Everyone is doing online quizzes at the moment.  Even those people that have never done a quiz in real life seem to be fully up for the idea of an online quiz.


With many of these involving a mixture of people across friendship groups, who knows there could be someone new at one of these. A friend of a friend or a work colleague.


Get involved, interact with the other teams and you could find that new friendships and relationships are formed over the weekly work Zoom quiz.

Use Facebook groups

Lots of communities are coming together in Facebook groups at this time.  From people looking to sell their old stuff to dating Dorset groups for singles to meet.  You can choose.


Interacting in these groups will give you connection in lockdown that you can build on once we are released from our home.

Connect with your local community

You soul mate could live in your road.  Or perhaps that old lady next door has a good-looking grandson.  You don’t know unless you talk to them.


Yes, we have to keep our distance but smiling as they head out for their daily exercise, or a note through the door saying that you are free to help if they need it could make all the difference.


It is always much better to date someone that lives nearby, so building these connections in your community increases your chances of securing a date that is closeby.


Work on your online profile

The least you can do is work on your profile for that Dorset dating site.  If it has been a while since you’ve updated it, then now is a good time.

Get an up to date photo, add anything new that has happened and remove anything that no longer sounds like you.  Your profile is how people will see you on the website so make it good.

Learn a new skill online

Online learning is fabulous!   You can learning of new things from the comfort of your home in your pyjamas.  No need for this dragging yourself out of bed for a 9am lecture with a hangover.


Most courses have a community built around them where students can interact and this could be a great place to meet someone with similar interests to you.  Be a proactive member of the community and you never know who you might end up talking to.


Don’t put your love life on hold

Just because the pubs are shut, doesn’t mean that you need to close your love life too.  Take action now and when this is over you’ll be ready to go.

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