How to manage stress and anxiety whilst food shopping +GIVEAWAY

How to manage stress and anxiety whilst food shopping +GIVEAWAY

I had to go to both Sainsbury’s and Tesco yesterday.  This lead to a total of an hour queuing and nearly two hours in the shops just to get the things I need.  And I still forgot the cheese.


At the start of lockdown, I found going to the supermarket so stressful.  I felt like the risk was high and that I had one shot every week to get it right.


Now, I am far calmer, but this is because I had taken steps to reduce the stress and anxiety I feel.  Here are my top tips:

Shops are helping you

The way supermarkets work has changed a lot.  They wipe down the trollies, there’s a one-way system, they limit the number of people in the shops and anyone who shows signs of illness stays at home.  All these actions are reducing your risk of catching something.

Write a great list

When I heard they were introducing a one-way system, I decided to change the way I wrote my shopping lists.  Instead of just writing down everything I need in a random order, I now list them according to the route I follow around the shops.  It makes it so much easier.


Use scan as you  shop

If you shop in a supermarket with this feature, then I totally recommend you use it.  You can pack as you go and it means that your food won’t get handled by another person at the checkout.


Supermarket Voucher Giveaway

As so many of us are struggling financially right now, I’ve teamed up with some fellow bloggers for a great giveaway. We have over £100 worth of supermarket vouchers to help two lucky winners with their grocery shopping!!

First prize is a whopping £75 voucher. A runner up will receive a £30 voucher. Both vouchers will be for supermarkets of winner’s choice*.

*Prize will be e-vouchers for supermarkets with home delivery and gift cards available (Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, and Iceland) subject to availability.

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Meet the Bloggers

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