My best parenting is…

When I get up without muttering (or screaming) profanities even though Emily has woken up for the sixth time in one night. 

When I power through the burn to lift Emily in the air one more time. 

When I continue with the bedtime routine and marathon feeding session knowing that my curry is getting cold downstairs. 

When I spend 45 minutes staring at the wall in silence because Emily fell asleep on me and I don’t want to wake her, but all entertainment is just out of reach.  

 When I let Emily gum my jaw or chin or hand, even though it hurts, because I know it helps her with teething.

When I manage to keep singing through a nappy change even though the smell makes me want to gag. 

When I spend an hour preparing everything then 15 minutes walking in the rain, to go to a baby class that lasts half an hour. 

When I burn my fingers taking the sausages off the baking tray because all my kitchen utensils are in Emily’s toy box. 

When I spend all my “me time” on Pinterest looking for cool activities for Emily and I to do the next day.  


When I hear my toast pop up but continue with the remain 307 verses of Row, row, row your boat. 

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