Not even baby signing is silent

I can’t sing! I can’t even mime that well. Even when I am alone in my car or in the shower I only sing the bits that I definitely know, and considering my hearing is not all that, I don’t confidently know the words to many songs at all. This is why my favourite song is Chop Suey by System of a Down, because no one knows the words to that, so you can sing whatever you like. 
Singing is a non-optional hobby once you become a parent though. I swear Emily must think she is living in a musical because everything becomes a song. This began when I first took her to baby signing classes, run by Tiny Talk. I love this class! I feel like I’m learning a new skill as well as stimulating my daughter. Brilliant! Anyway, one of their rules is that ‘you never sign in silence’. I get it; it is sensible! We are after all teaching our children to communicate and speech is the best way of doing that. Cue half hour of singing!
The singing isn’t confined to Tiny Talk. At five weeks old, Emily and I were having difficulties with breastfeeding, so I went my local breastfeeding group. I received no help with breastfeeding, but it wasn’t a complete waste of time. I spent an hour sat on a mat, chatted to some other mums, had a bit of (free!) cake and did some more singing! It was here that I learnt that ‘Row, row, row your boat’ had more than the classic two verses. I mean where are we rowing to? This is less a stream than the Atlantic Ocean!
Swimming also has singing. There is literally a song for everything Emily does. The most shocking thing is that I sing to her all the time at home now too. She wiggles and “there’s a worm at the bottom of the garden and his name is wiggly woo”.  I eat my dinner and “this is the way I eat my dinner, eat my dinner, eat my dinner. ” I am now genuinely concerned that she is going to think that this is a normal way to communicate. Also I pity her that she has to listen to my horrendous singing all day. Someone create a baby group that does not rely on singing for the sake of poor Emily’s ears. 

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