Passion without judgement

A close friend told me she’d been reading my blog. This made me happy because I didn’t think anyone would read this drivel. I know that plenty of you are though so thanks. 

Anyway this friend said that it seemed “a bit judgemental” and that was certainly not how I wanted it to come across. Therefore I felt it necessary to clarify my stance. 

Obviously Dan and I have chosen to parent a certain way, everybody does, whether it is a consciencious or unconsciencious decision and sometimes it is not even a choice, events make you follow a particular path. For the most part we have been lucky in that circumstances have allowed us to parent the way we want. We had enough money to buy reusable nappies and wipes. We found breastfeeding fairly straight forward. We have room in our bedroom for Emily to sleep in with us. But there are other paths that were taken for us. We had a caesarean. We had to spend time apart as a family when we were in hospital for the first few days. We didn’t get skin to skin straight away. 

I am proud of the way we have chosen to parent; I wouldn’t change it for the world. But I am proud of it because it is right for us and takes hard work and effort. Plus if we ain’t proud of ourselves no one else is going to do it for us.

 I am passionate about it too and for this reason it may seem like I am banging on about it. Yes I believe that everyone should use cloth nappies and breastfeed and baby wear and cosleep etc etc, but that is because I think it’s bloody wonderful. That doesn’t mean to say I will judge you if you don’t. You might look at me and think ‘poor cow has to wash all those nappies and is stuck at home with a baby on her boob and she must be knackered carrying that baby all the time and her bedroom must be cluttered with the extra crib in there.’ And that’s fine! You might be right. Judge away. My own husband thinks I’m a “bloody hippy” and that’s OK by me. 

As parents we have a hard enough job, so try not to take any ill feeling from this blog. Be proud of yourself and the choices you’ve made. If you think something we do looks good, feel free to ask me more about it. If you think you do something that would benefit me, then tell me. Christ, let’s help each other out where we can! It’s exhausting!

(I hate these effing things but it seemed appropriate.)

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