Reflecting on life during lockdown

Lockdown life came as a shock to us.  We were living a wonderful nomadic lifestyle travelling the world.  We had no home.  We just hopped from AirBnB to AirBnB and embraced the new places that we would end up in.


So when lockdown landed and we found that we stuck indoors.  It was a shock.  We were not used to being trapped and there was a huge period off adjustment.


But one we had settled back into our home, we started to appreciate it more and more.  Before we left, we felt like our home was holding us back.  But now we felt like it was a haven in a world that scary and strange.


Therefore, we decided to embrace it.  Show it the love that it deserved.  And with some extra time on our hands we were able to get lots of the jobs done that we had been putting off for a while.

What have we done?

The first job on the list was to revamp the master bedroom.  We had plans to do this before we went travelling so it made sense to jump straight back in where we left off.


This meant new flooring, new wardrobe doors and new furniture.  The bedroom also needs to double up as an office now too, so has been redesigned to include working spaces for both of us.


We also prioritised tidying up the garden.  With the beautiful UK summer in full swing, we wanted to make sure that our outside spaces were ready to go.


Therefore, we sorted out our flower beds, painted some furniture and even planted some vegetables.


What we are grateful for?

There are many things that we have learnt to be grateful for.  Our garden is a big one.  Having a private outside space during lockdown was a sanity saver.  Particularly with the kids around full time.


We have also learnt to appreciate simple things, like having double glazed windows so that we can shut out the sounds of the world when we need too.  And having blackout blinds to help the kids sleep.  Both of these we had missed when travelling.

What we are going to do next?

We have a long list of jobs to do.  Once we have finished the bedroom, we will turn our attention to downstairs.  Our house suffered some damage as a result of a leak whilst the tenants were here, so we will be having the majority of downstairs redecorated.


To add to this, we need a new kitchen.  Therefore, our plan is to install this before we redo downstairs.  This will mean that we are left with an entirely new downstairs space.


Thinking further ahead, we are considering creating an external office/workshop space but including these as part of a new garage. It will be an expensive job though, so we are going to need to save some money up for that.


Creating a home we love

We have always loved our home, but lockdown has truly made us appreciate it.  We can now see its potential and are taking action to get there.

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