The truths of owning a cat

This is a collaborative post

While I don’t personally own a cat, my sister does.  And ever since she brought him, the rest of the family has been subjected to daily updates.


Marms, short for Marmalade, is a male, ginger cat that likes to spend as much time outdoors as possible.  He goes from house to house charming my sister’s neighbours in exchange for a scratch behind the ear and the odd treat.


I asked my sister to share a few truths about cat ownership and this is what she said:

They like to bring you presents

It comes with the territory of cat ownership that sometimes they are going to catch a small “gift” and bring home to show you.


Or if you are Marms, a large injured pigeon that flaps around in your kitchen to give you a big tidy up job.  Some cats (Marms) love you so much that they bring these gifts every other day.


You are an inconvenience to them

When you bring a cat into your home, it basically becomes their home.  You don’t get to decide where you sit down or go to sleep anymore.  You are only allowed to go where your cat permits you to go.


Even when you are doing something for them, like getting their food, you are likely yo be doing it too slowly or at the wrong time.


You basically need to surrender the idea that you are a cat owner.  The cat now owns you.


You will shower them in gifts

Despite their indifference towards you, you will feel compelled to shower them with all kinds of gifts that you find at Vector Pets.


From treats to toys to a pet portrait, you will buy it all because you love them and get a lot of enjoyment at them chasing after a feather and bell on a bit of string.

They do stupid things

Despite their best efforts to look cool and strut around like they are lord of the manor.  They do do some stupid things, which makes it even funnier.


Think falling off the backs of sofas whilst giving themselves a clean, or getting scared by a slightly stubborn pigeon or chasing the light reflection from your phone.


It’s these silly behaviours that bring us so much joy.  And something to put on Instagram when we get bored of taking pictures of our dinner.


We love them, even though they make us mad

Cat parenting is not always an easy ride.  From cleaning pigeon blood off your kitchen cupboard to disposing of their “presents” at 2am to going from door to door looking for your cat because he has decided to go live with a new family.


But despite all the eye-rolling and their tendency to never want cuddles at the same time as you, we do love them and wouldn’t have them any other way.  Less dead mice in the bedroom would be nice though.


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