Tiny Talk, Big Welcome!

  As you may have guessed from previous posts, I’m a bit of a sucker for a baby class. Having spent my entire life surrounded by people I really need interaction with others, otherwise I go one of two ways. Either I bombard Dan with every tiny detail of my day as soon as he steps through the door, which gives the poor bloke no time to think let alone have a cuppa or a shower. Or I become a miserable cow. I start feeling sorry for myself and ultimately start putting sugar back in my tea in child-like quantities. (Dan calls this “my time of the month” tea. Cheeky git!)

I hit the baby activities when Emily was four weeks old. The only reason I waited that long was because Dan had the first three weeks off and it took me a week to find out what was on and book things up. Tiny Talk was the very first thing I attended. 

I remember that first session very clearly. We ventured out in the pram as it was a warm and we had walked across the park. I had arrived quite early and sat outside on a bench for a while. Just as we were about to go in Emily did a big poo. Classic Emily! I signed us in and then immediately had to sneak off for a nappy change. During that first session I also had to deal with my first public breastfeeding situation. It was intimidating to say the least. I resorted to what I usually do in these situations and waited for someone else to go first. That happened and then I awaited approximately three minutes and my boob was out too. 

Between dealing with nappies and PB (public breastfeeding) I managed to learn some signs too. I came home and excitedly waited for Dan to return from work so I could teach him. Being the superstar that he is, he listened, watched and learnt. He now does a few of the signs regularly. We even use them to communicate in public when we are out of earshot. 

I pretty much sign, when I can, all day now. It is impressive how much you can do with a few basics. We do lots of singing and signing, as well as signing our trips out and obviously our daily activities. Emily is yet to do her first sign but I know it won’t be long. You should see her face light up when I sign milk. 

What I have enjoyed most about Tiny Talk though are the people I met. The teacher, Emma, is warm and friendly and creates an atmosphere that feels like you’re sat in her living room. The other parents are equally as delightful and I’ve thoroughly appreciated their company. I hope to stay in touch with many of them in the future. 

The term has now ended for Tiny Talk, which is a shame. It’s been brilliant. Each week I have come away feeling like I’m learning a new skill, meeting great people and stimulating my daughter. I love it so much, I’ve signed up to do it all again next term too. Oh, and over the summer!

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