Writing letters during lockdown

With the coronavirus pandemic preventing us from being close to our friends and family, we have had to find new ways to show that we care.


We are a family that has spent the last 8 months staying in contact with everyone through Whatsapp and FaceTime.  It is a refreshing change to be in the same country as the majority of our friends and family and to be able to write some letters.


That is why we have taken this opportunity to practice.  The girls have long enjoyed sending pictures to their friends back home but now we can do it to Nanny and Grandad too.


Here are some of the reasons we are learning to love letter writing during a lockdown:

New ways to communicate

Writing is an art form.  It is a completely different way to communicate than video calling or using the telephone.  It has been fun teaching our girls how it all works.


From how to start a letter to how to finish it, and what we write on the envelope to where we put the stamp.  There’s a whole system to be learnt.


My eldest is finding the idea of a one-sided conversation fascinating.  Asking all the questions you want to be answered in one go and then waiting for all the responses.


Good writing practice

As my biggest little is of school-age we have been homeschooling for the last few months, and it looks like there is going to be plenty more to come.


Therefore, writing letters is a great way to practice not only writing but a whole load of other skills too.  Reading the replies and practising spelling too.


By drawing some lines, we’ve have been able to practice writing lots of new words and in our best handwriting as well.


Keeps the kids entertained

Naturally the kids don’t want to just want to send letters.  They want to send a load of pictures and paintings to make it extra special.


The kids also wanted to design a monogram to help personalise their letters.  My unicorn obsessed girls created these wonderful designs.


They enjoyed printing them out and writing their letters underneath knowing they were sending their friends something extra special.

Makes family and friends happy

The best bit about writing letters is knowing how much joy they bring to the recipients.  We love video calling them whilst they open them so that we can see the looks on their faces.


It is exciting to receive their replies too.  We encourage them to create their own monogram and to include pictures or photos.


The love checking the post to see if they have had any deliveries just for them and then we get to see nanny and grandad get all excited on Facetime watching the kids opening their letters.


Have you done any letter writing?

If you are looking for a way to keep your kids entertained for a few minutes then why not grab some paper and help them write a letter to some friends or family.

Writing letters with kids during lockdown

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