Zero Waste Week

This week is Zero Waste Week. What do they mean by zero waste? I hear you say. Well it is as simple as it sounds. The aim is to reduce or completely eliminate the amount you throw away. If you spend next to no time actually thinking about how much stuff you do chuck out, when someone tells you it is zero waste week you might be quite disgusted to think about what you do sling in the bin.


The Jessop household has been on the case of this for a while. Emily has reusable nappies and we don’t use wet wipes at all. I’ve made the switch to cloth sanitary pads and have been really happy using them since my monthlies returned. We don’t use kitchen roll much any more and we even have reusable toilet roll (although this hasn’t been particular popular). So what can we pledge to reduce this week?


It turns out that the theme this year is food waste. This is perfect for us! We waste a ridiculous amount of food. Some of it is wasted at Emily’s hand when dinner turns into messy play. But most of it comes from us buying too much and then leaving it in the fridge or cupboard until it goes out of date. It’s quite pathetic really. Therefore this week I’m determined not to throw food away.


To do this we will be ensuring that we only cook the right amount of food, use up anything that is going out of date and rot as much onto the vegetable patch that we can. This requires a bit of creativity. Cooking the right amount of food is easy and if we make too much we can have it for lunch the next day.  Soups and smoothies are great for using up less than best fruits and veggies. Meal planning can help with this too as it stops you from buying too much food.  As for the vegetable patch that getting the benefit of all our used tea leaves and coffee grounds.


I am open to more ideas and love new initiatives. So let me know what you are doing for Zero Waste Week. 😊

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