How to manage your love life online

If you were single or in a new relationship when lockdown started chances are that you are spending a lot of time on your own.  Hopefully, you are managing to keep your love life alive through the internet.


Some of you might be a seasoned pro at managing love and relationships online, but for others, this could be a new phenomenon.  One that you have had to quickly adapt to, to make your relationship survive as well as for your own sanity.


If this is a huge learning curve for you, then worry not as I’ve compiled a few tips to get you through.  Here are my top five tips for managing your love life online:


Stay in contact

Communication is key.  It doesn’t matter whether you are making phone calls, using WhatsApp or video calling, just make sure that you take the time to check-in and stay in the loop.


If you are used to communicating via WhatsApp, then it might be a nice idea to shake it up and try a few video calls or phone calls.  The newness of these activities will add some extra excitement.

Write a letter

Letter writing is how they used to stay in contact during World War 2 and if it was good enough for them then it is good enough for us too.


You could write a classic love letter, where you write about all the things that miss and all the plans for what you will do when you are reunited.


Alternatively, you could use it as a way to just stay in touch.  You could even make small gifts to send to each other or cards.  Everyone loves receiving post, especially if it is not a bill for a change.


Make a video

Why not come casting manager, actor, producer and director of your own film?  Now you could make it a sweet little video diary about your day or go for the full experience and recreate those moments after you first met on


Whatever you decide, all you will need is your phone or tablet camera and you are away.  You can keep yourself busy with editing and send it over when it is ready.

Send lots of photos

Talking and writing is all great fun, but pictures tell a thousand words as they say, so get snapping.  It might feel like there’s not a lot to take pictures of but you can get creative.


Why not go on a hunt for some romantic spots whilst on your daily walks.  You can then send you partner the pictures of your finds with cheeky captions like “sex in Oxfordshire?”


When you are finally reunited, you’ll have lots of great ideas for things that you can do together.


Start a new hobby together

With the internet at our fingers, why don’t you take this time to learn a new skill together?  You could find a topic that you are both interested in and start a course.


Studying together is a great way to learn more about each other and is a great way to develop new experiences even though you are distant from each other.

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