New Year’s Resolutions to make as a Parent

New Year’s Resolutions to make as a Parent

I get it!  Being a parent is intense.  It is so easy to lose yourself into the busyness of family life.  After-school clubs, trips to the dentists, the weekly food shop.  It is time to come up with some New Years resolutions that help you as a parent.


We’ve all got personal goals that we want to achieve, but there are some things that we can change that will help the whole family.  These are the things that will make 2020 the best year yet for your family.


Go to bed earlier

When my kids were babies, we would go through periods when they would struggle to sleep at night.  The tiredness would build up massively to the point where I couldn’t take it anymore.


In these moments, my friends would remind me to grab an early night.  Go to sleep when the kids go to sleep.  It was always the turning point in our struggles.

I would wake up refreshed the next day and feeling more prepared to tackle any challenges that presented themselves.


Make it your resolution to keep on top of your sleep.  Have one night a week where you commit to going to bed an hour or two before you normally do.  Wake up and enjoy feeling truly rested.


Meet up with your friends regularly

This one is so hard to do sometimes.  You want to see your friends but that means finding a time when you are all available.

I’m saying try to make it less of an event.  If you find yourselves free one day, or perhaps the husband has come home early one day then pop round to your friend’s house.

These social interactions will help you feel connected with the “real world” rather than stuck inside your own tiny bubble.


And if you can arrange some more playdates for the kids, particularly if you can go round their house.  You can chat to your mate and once they’ve destroyed the house you can go back to your tidy one.  Joking!  Sort of.


Spend 5 minutes a day doing what your kids want to do

I’m sure spending more time with our kids is high on everyone’s agenda but it feels hard to actually know how to make it happen sometimes.


One strategy is to commit to just 5 minutes of uninterrupted playtime with your kids.  Let them decide what they want you to do and just go with it.


You’ll probably find that it ends up being longer than that, but 5 minutes a day is the starting point.  Go with their flow and see where it takes you.


Exercise alone

Exercise is great!  It makes you feel good, look good and feel like you are one of those healthy people.  But many of us settle for doing it with the kids around and that ruins it.

Obviously, if you’ve got no choice, then exercise with them there, but if you can commit to exercising on your own.

I find that taking a run in the morning or after my kids have gone to sleep at night, a great way to clear my head and filter through life’s noise.  Can’t do that with the kids there.  Or even the husband!


Learn something new

I’m saying sign up to an evening class or anything.  No one has time for that.  But pick up a book about something that you’ve always wanted to learn about or find a new podcast to listen to in the shower.


You might find that you want to learn about something to help you in your family life, such as learning to manage your time more efficiently or saying calm when your two-year-old upends a plate of baked beans on the floor.


Or perhaps you want the thrill of personal development for its own sake.  Whatever it is, it feels good to feel like you are challenging your brain and growing in some way.

Get your finances in order

Money can create a lot of stress if you don’t keep an eye on it.  Therefore, make the choice to keep your finances in good order next year.


A budget is the best place to start to plan how you will spend your money for the next month.  But look ahead to the rest of the year and think about any big events that you have coming up.

With money taken care of, you’ll have one less thing to worry about and will know exactly what you can and can’t afford as you go.


What are your resolutions?

Don’t feel like you must do all of these.  Or any for that matter.  Pick one and roll with that.  Or you might have a better idea.  I’d love to hear it!

new years resolutions for parents

Disclaimer:  Remember the information you read here does not represent advice.  Any ideas or suggestions are just that and may not work for you.  Read the full disclaimer here.

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  1. Ariana Dagan

    Love each of these! Only thing I would add is trying new things WITH my daughter. Explore new places, go to museums and galleries, try new parks. Just try something new every week or at least every month and never satisfy the need for curiosity.

  2. Viano Dee

    These are really awesome tips. I don’t make resolutions but I think sleeping early should be taken seriously.

  3. Yes these are some good ones! The ‘going to bed early’ one is (and has been) on my new years resolutions for so many years, but I am still at it! Hopefully this year is the charm! And I like the idea of trying something new. Keeps you on your toes and excited for what’s next.

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