The Cloth Nappy Stash Shot

The Cloth Nappy Stash Shot

The stash shot is a fairly common occurrence amongst cloth nappy mums (and dads). I’ve never really been that bothered about how the nappies looked in a drawer or cupboard. I am infinitely happier with the way they look on Emily’s bottom.

Many cloth nappy manufacturers and distributors are keen to see your stash shots though. Some even offer prizes for their favourite. Therefore it seems that it is always handy to have a photo somewhere to whip out should you see a comp on Facebook or Twitter. I mean who wouldn’t want a free nappy. So here’s mine:

This is probably only about two thirds of my stash at best. Naturally there were a load on the washing line, some in the changing bag, some in the swimming bag and one on Emily’s bum. Looking at it though is oddly rewarding.

As you’ve undoubtedly figured out I bloody love cloth nappies. No chemicals. No regular outgoings. No nasty disposable nappy smell. No contribution to the landfill. Cute prints. Soft fabrics. I just love ’em! However they do come with a bit of a commitment. You commit to washing them practically everyday. This means whilst Dan gives Emily her bath, I collect up the dirty nappies from the nappy bin and the changing bag and chuck them in the washing machine. The next morning I sort them all out and, weather permitting, chuck them on the line. A couple of hours later I take them off the line, restuff them and popper them up. It takes minutes of my time in reality but it can feel like a massive chore whilst I’m doing it.

There’s also the fact that when you take your changing bag out, it never gets lighter. If anything slightly heavier. Dirty nappies get carried around after use so there is no shedding of stuff as the day goes on.

These are the only two downsides to using cloth nappies and, in my opinion, they are nothing compared to benefits. But a photo of freshly washed and prepped, ready-to-go nappies is somewhat satisfying. That is a photo of my hardwork, of my commitment to a cause, of my determination to raise Emily as naturally as possible. I get it!

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