What is gluten?

I saw this question appear on an advert for Google (why do Google need to advertise?!) the other day and apparently it is one of the most searched questions. I know the answer only too well. 
I have been a coeliac since 1st November 2013. This day was the day after I had returned from an all inclusive holiday in Tenerife (see the picture above) with my mum, dad and sister, Rachel. Upon landing, we had a KFC. That was my last ever KFC, and despite not being able to recall what I had, I can tell you with absolute certainty that I did not have enough! 
There are plenty of other foods that I will never have again too, such as Mr Kipling’s mini battenburgs or Krispy Kreme’s doughnuts. And I am also sure that there will be new foods created in the future that will have me dribbling in the supermarket or staring longingly at an advert on TV , whilst knowing that that is as close as I will get. Although I do sometimes go a step further and sniff foods; I like to live dangerously!
Despite all this whinging, I am fine with it. It turns out that us Coeliacs are not only a resourceful and creative bunch, but many have a delightfully entrepreneurial spirit. The variety and quality of the foods that are gluten free is impressive. I still eat cake, doughnuts, pizza, and pasta. I have pancakes and bacon sandwiches at the weekends. I eat out in local pubs, Nandos, Pizza Hut and the nearby Indian. It ain’t too shabby for Charlotte! Plus I certainly don’t look like I’m starving, unfortunately.
Anyway, the answer to the title question is…it is one of the many vital ingredients in KFC. The only food that I miss! Damn you, Colonel!

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