Forget Nandos! Fancy a Cheeky Wipe?

Cheeky Wipes have taken over our household. If you don’t know what they are they are a brand of reusable wipes. When I told my mum about these she said ‘so they are basically little flannels?!’ And once again my mum was right. I looked into these because I was sick and tired of wiping Emily’s bottom with tiny bits of cotton wool.  My goodness, how stupid is using cotton wool? Firstly, you get through an entire bag cleaning up one average sized poo, then you spend the next day or two picking strands of the stuff off of her bum, legs, your fingers, your clothes, any surface the cotton wool happened to touch and then a couple of random places that you could have sworn it went nowhere near. 
Even worse than cotton wool are disposable wipes. Whoever designed these has clearly never had to use them. The only thing that they are good for is cleaning an already clean thing that happens to be perfectly smooth and about the size of a 50pence piece. If it is not, expect to smear whatever substance you trying to remove all over the thing you are trying to remove it from. Then repeat until you have gone through an entire pack of wipes. THEN when your bank statement comes in at the end of the month cry at how much money you’ve spent on the damned things. I am not a fan of disposables wipes. 
My hatred of these two products found me searching the Internet one evening for reusable wipes and eventually landed on the Cheeky Wipes site. After much reading through their ever so helpful FAQs and blog, I picked out the set for me. Even better was that I bought these during real nappy week and got a pretty sweet discount to help things along. Two days later I had a fresh wipes box filled with water, a couple of drops of their lavender and chamomile essential oil solution and a stack of wipes. I was instantly in love. 
Reusable wipes have many advantages. You only need one per poo. They actually remove poo. They go in the same place as cloth nappies so you don’t need a separate bin. They smell lovely. They save me money. No chemicals on little Emily’s bottom. They save the environment. 
Anyway I’m now Cheeky Wipes’ biggest fan. It started with a mini kit for Emily; this is a fresh wipes box, essential oils, fresh wipes out and about bag and a set of minky/bamboo ladybird wipes. I added to this a set of cotton terry wipes and a large double wet bag. Both invaluable! After being so impressed with these (and convincing Dan as well) I have now purchased a family cloth kit (reusable toilet roll), a set to use as kitchen roll and invested in a set of CSPs (cloth sanitary pads). They really have helped me along my reusable journey.   

The mini kit. Image from Cheeky Wipes.

Yesterday I emailed them to asked if I qualified for a promotion they are running, today they emailed back and told me I’m one of their best customers and have given me some money off my next order. So it continues.

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